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Sign Language Consulting Deaf Awareness Training

Deaf Hands Connection is committed to providing exceptional American Sign Language interpreting services.

If you answered yes, are you in compliance with the accessibility standards mandated by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)?


The Disability Act places obligations on public bodies to make sure their services and information are accessible to people who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing.


Cultural Competence Training in the Workforce

Cultural Knowledge, Awareness, Sensitivity and Competence

Deaf/HoH individuals use sign language as their main means of communication. They do not view their deafness as a disability, just a difference in human experience. Deaf Hands Connection (DHC) is passionate about communication among the Deaf/HoH community and public or private entities. A deaf employee or client may communicate with a hearing person through a combination of methods such as signing, writing, speech, and lip reading. DHC's cultural competency training will enable your staff to communicate effectively and confidently with deaf individuals. Quality is the number one priority at DHC. In order to meet or exceed an acceptable standard of quality, we work exclusively with nationally certified interpreters.

Deaf Hands Connection offers a variety of services to support your needs:


  • Awareness training for co-workers of Deaf/Hard of Hearing employees

  • Sensitivity training to provide better services to Deaf/Hard of Hearing    

       customers and clients

  • Establish interpreting policies for your company or organization

  • ASL training and mentoring sessions for all levels

  • Workshops and seminars

Industries We Serve


  • Job interviews

  • Team & staff meetings

  • Training sessions


  • Mediations

  • Depositions

  • Attorney-Client Meetings


  • Classroom settings

  • Assemblies

  • Graduation ceremonies

  • IEP meetings


  • Television

  • Film

  • Concerts

  • Plays

   Events & Conferences

  • Live-stream

  • Workshops

  • Seminars


  • Town-hall meetings

  • Public hearings

  • Press conferences

  • Compliance meetings


  • Doctor’s appointments

  • Emergency room visits

  • Surgery and post-op


Lisa Campell is a sincere, honest, and understanding woman and this comes across in her work as an interpreter and the founder of ACD.   She handles herself with integrity and ease and always displays genuine care and concern for her deaf clients as well as the hearing community.     Read More


Marlene Llanes, Deaf Interpreter

While Ms. Campbell is a highly skilled Certified ASL Interpreter who has a vast array of experiences in multiple work settings and with a variety of Deaf clients (predominantly foreign Deaf populations), her true gift is her problem solving skills along with an ability to put people at ease. In addition to interpreting, Ms. Campbell has spent a great deal of time educating and partnering with the community at all levels to ensure both consumers and providers are accommodated effectively.     Read More


Brenda Adkinson, BS, NIC, SC:L

Over the years, I have found Ms. Campbell very reliable and eager to assist us in presenting to our customers and she was always engaging with staff.  Lisa has a positive attitude and is always willing to help others and share her knowledge.  Lisa is flexible and willing to offer assistance and continued to expand her knowledge on a daily basis on our services so she could offer assistance and guidance when assisting us in communicating with our consumers.     Read More

Brian Johnson, Center For Independent Living of Broward

I have had the privilege of working with Lisa Campbell as both a colleague and mentor. Lisa’s passion for her work as an American Sign Language Interpreter and as an ally to the Deaf community, is one to be admired. 
Lisa is professional, assertive and extremely knowledgeable in the ADA. She will be a great asset to any company that has the pleasure of working with her.    
Read More

Safina Allibhai, NIC

Lisa's experience as an interpreter and businesswoman has afforded her the insight into nearly every aspect of the interpreting profession. While others in the business of subcontracting interpreting services followed a bottom-up approach to promote their profitability; Lisa
remained steadfast that a top-down approach to staffing was crucial. This philosophy earned her the respect of Deaf and hearing consumer across Florida, and it gained her the loyalty of some of the most skilled interpreters in the state.     Read More


Rose Coman, M.Ed, NIC